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About Us

Welcome to Unikito, the new choice in home furniture.Unikito is a brand specializing in home furniture, offering many different types of home furniture. More than four years have passed since the creation of the brand in 2019, and in all this time, Unikito has placed a high value on product quality, putting the customer first and committing itself to delivering high-quality, standard-compliant products.

At Unikito, each of our products is accompanied by a new demand from our customers. We are committed to solving more of the various troubles that our customers encounter in their lives. Facing the messy chargers on the bedside of the bedroom, we added charging ports and drawers to our bedside table. In order to better store and categorize all kinds of make-up products, we added drawers to the dressing table.

In the face of the trend of rising prices of raw materials for furniture production, we uphold the original intention, in the production of materials did not reduce the quality, and still use environmentally friendly and healthy board. This is not only for the protection of the environment, but also to consider the health of each user. If you use furniture with excessive formaldehyde content for a long time, it will seriously jeopardize your health. This is something Unikito does not care to do.

Unikito provides multi-scenario home products. Different products are suitable for different spaces according to your needs, such as TV stand in the living room, bookshelf in the bedroom, side table next to the sofa, file cabinet in the office, wine rack in the kitchen and so on. There is always one that can make you comfortable. Each product is a perfect combination of practicality and beauty, refreshing your home with unique design.

Unikito has a professional technical team to provide online technical support, whether it's a question about product features, assembly, or product introduction and explanation. Our technical team will be patient for you to answer one by one.

An environmentally friendly and healthy home life cannot be separated from comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly indoor furniture. At Unikito, you can shop with confidence and create your cozy and healthy family life with healthy and environmentally friendly furniture.