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Choosing L Shaped Desk or U Shaped Desk?

Choosing L Shaped Desk or U Shaped Desk?

A computer desk is one of the essential items for work and study, and a good computer desk can significantly improve your productivity. But it is not easy to get a suitable computer desk. Among the many types of computer desks, rectangular desks, l shaped desks and u shaped desks are the mainstream choices. Among them, L shaped desks and U-shaped desks are the most entangled options.

So, Which Desk Should We Choose in the Middle of L Shaped Desk and U Shaped Desk?

To know which desk is right for you, you first need to define your needs and the main differences between these two types of desks.

L Shaped Desk

L shaped desk is also treated as a corner desk, and its unique L shaped structure can perfectly utilize the corner space. And compared to rectangular desks, L shaped desks have a larger usable area, so when you need to use 2 monitors for your work, L shaped desks allow you to have more space to arrange where to place your monitors.

Compared to a U shaped desk, an L shaped desk will have a smaller area and take up relatively less space. In a more limited space, an L shaped desk offers more flexibility than a U shaped desk. In terms of price, L shaped desks are also slightly cheaper.

U Shaped Desk

U shaped desk can be said to be the upgraded version of the L shaped desk. The shape is similar to the letter “U” and the design is closed on three sides, which can give you a higher sense of security and privacy. If you have a high demand for privacy, the U shaped desk is your favorite type.

From a structural point of view, the U shaped desk is similar to three rectangular desks spliced together, if you need to use to more than 2 monitors, then the desktop on both sides of the U shaped desk can provide sufficient space for placing monitors. However, the U shaped desk requires more space, if you have more space to use, the U shaped desk will give you a good experience.

Should I Choose L-shaped Desk or a U-shaped Desk?

1. Consider the Available Space

If your available space is small, L-shape desk is a better choice for you, U-shape desk needs to take up more space, you need to leave enough space for your daily activities and other items, such as shelves, filing cabinets, printers and other items.

2. Type of Work

If your type of work is on the side of writing and reading, and a laptop can satisfy your internet needs throughout the work session, then an L-shaped computer desk can satisfy you. If your work requires 2 or more monitors, then the ample work surface of the U-shaped desk can give you a neater desktop environment and a more relaxed working atmosphere.

3. Storage Needs

Consider your storage needs and whether the storage space of the L-shaped computer desk can meet your storage needs. If the L-shaped computer desk can not meet your current needs and later planning, then the U-shaped desk will be a better choice.

4. Own Preferences

Your own preferences are also important, using your favorite type of desk can make you have a better experience in the process.

Whether you buy L-shaped computer desk or U-shaped computer desk, please first consider the use of space, type of work and storage needs, and then combined with their own preferences, choose the right type, color and shape design of the computer desk. Get a better experience and make you more efficient.

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