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Metal Bed Frame or Wood Bed Frame?

Metal Bed Frame or Wood Bed Frame?

When it comes to preparing bedding for your bedroom, the choice of bed frames, usually lies between metal bed frame and wood bed frame. Which bed frame to choose is a dilemma for everyone who needs to buy a bed frame. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages, and are also suitable for different bedrooms, and choosing the right bed frame for you can often bring you a better sleeping experience.

Should I Choose Metal Bed Frame or Wood Bed Frame?

Advantages of Metal Bed Frame:

1. More Durable

With metal bed frames, the biggest advantage is their durability. Compared to wood bed frames, they are less prone to oxidation, wear and tear, and they don't attract bugs. As long as the antioxidant coating on the metal surface is not damaged, even decades of use is not a problem.

2. Lighter

In metal bed frames, most of them use hollow metal tubes, which allows the overall weight of the bed frame to be lowered so that even one person can easily complete the assembly. In terms of transportation, metal bed frames are also easier to transport.

3. Stronger

During the installation of a bed frame, it is very normal for bumps to occur. If it is a wood bed frame, a slight bump will easily lead to damage to the antioxidant coating on the surface, and a more serious bump will even lead to structural damage. Metal bed frame need not worry, metal structure is more solid, and even if it is bent, it can be corrected.

4. Lower Cost

As far as production costs are concerned, metal bed frames are much less expensive to make than wood bed frames. If you are on a lower budget, a metal bed frame would be a better option.

queen sized bed frame - unikito bed frame

Advantages of Wood Bed Frame:

1. Aesthetics

Wood bed frames have a variety of beautiful textures and give an overall rustic look. A wood bed frame that complements the style of your bedroom can take the ambiance of your bedroom up a notch.

2. More Environmentally Friendly

Wood bed frames are made from wood, which is a renewable resource. When viewed from an environmental perspective, the manufacture of wood bed frames will be more environmentally friendly than metal bed frames. Choosing a wood bed frame will further reduce carbon emissions.

3. Stability

Wood bed frames are usually praised for their built stability. Compared with the metal structure of metal bed frames, wood bed frames can fit more tightly with each other during the assembly process of the parts, as the wood can undergo a large deformation, making the wood bed frame more solid as a whole. Wood bed frames have better stability, and can provide you with better sleep.

bed frame with storage - unikito bed frame

These are the advantages of both metal and wood bed frames, but of course, both metal and wood bed frames have disadvantages as well. Metal bed frames can be more unstable overall and are not as aesthetically pleasing as wood bed frames, and they also cause more carbon emissions during the manufacturing process. Wood bed frames, on the other hand, cost more tend to attract bugs, and don't last nearly as long as metal bed frames.

All things considered, if you have a lower budget and are considering more cost-effective options, then a metal bed frame would be a better choice for you. If you are more concerned about environmental protection and aesthetics, then a wood bed frame may be more suitable for you.

A Few Recommended Metal Bed Frames Worth Buying:

1. Unikito King Size Bed Frame with 4 Storage Drawers and Charging Station, Sturdy Platform Bed with Storage Headboard and LED Light, No Box Spring Needed, Easy Assembly

This bed frame is a bed frame with storage, which is designed with 2 metal mesh drawers on each side of the bed frame, which can be smoothly pushed and pulled to store clothes, quilts, and other items. If you are struggling with the lack of enough storage space in your bedroom, then this metal bed frame with drawers is worth a try. This bed frame comes with a headboard with LED light strips and sockets embedded inside, making it easy to charge your cell phone while you sleep.

metal bed frame with drawer - unikito bed frame

2. Unikito King Bed Frame with 3 Height Adjustable Headboard, Upholstered Leather Platform Bed with LED Light & Charging Station, Stable Metal Frame Support, No Box Spring Needed, Noise Free

What makes this bed frame so special is that it comes with an adjustable headboard and has three levels of height adjustment. The adjustable metal bed frame allows you to match the frame to different mattress heights. The headboard is also upholstered, which makes it very comfortable to lean on.

adjustable metal bed frame - unikito bed frame

3. Unikito Full Size Bed Frame with LED Light and Upholstered Storage Headboard, Metal Platform Full Bed Frame with Charging Station, No Box Spring Needed, Easy Assembly, Noise-Free

If you need a headboard for storage but the size of the room doesn't allow you to put more headboards, this bed frame with headboard can be considered. It comes with its headboard and has a cabinet with doors on each side, which will solve the problem of not having a nightstand to store your belongings. The headboard has a built-in power outlet, making it very convenient for charging your cell phone.

bed frame with storage - unikito bed stead
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