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Unikito 55 Gallon Fish Tank Stand - More Family Friendly

Unikito 55 Gallon Fish Tank Stand - More Family Friendly

A fish tank stand is one of the necessities for fish and reptile hobbyists. A supportive, structurally well-designed, as well as a fully functional fish tank stand can be of great help to fish and reptile lovers. Keeping fish or turtles as pets at home is a lifestyle that has become increasingly popular in recent years.

When keeping fish, turtles, or other reptiles at home for the purpose of keeping them, a simple small aquarium or glass container may be sufficient for use in the initial stage. But as time goes by, not only will they grow in size, but so will the items we prepare for them. A professional aquarium stand that is fully functional, structurally designed, and has a strong weighing capacity will be your ultimate choice.

What size aquarium stand is more suitable for home breeding? This question may be the one that has been bothering you. Unikito 55 gallon fish tank stand will be your ideal choice.

fish tank stand with storage

Why Unikito 55 Gallon Fish Tank Stand?

1. Strong Weight Bearing Capacity

The Unikito 55 gallon aquarium stand can hold up to 1,200 pounds at the top and 500 pounds at the bottom. It can support aquariums of up to 75 gallons. Even with a 60 gallon aquarium or 70 gallon aquarium, it can withstand its weight.

2. Suitable Size

The Unikito 55 gallon fish tank stand, with its length of 51.18 inches, width of 16.53 inches, and height of 31.25 inches, will not take up too much space and cause trouble whether it is placed in the living room, bedroom, or balcony.

3. Professional Structural Design

The Unikito 55 gallon fish tank stand has a storage cabinet on the left and right side, and the middle is a top and bottom double-layer structure. Both sides of the storage have expensive, internal adjustable plates, so you can freely adjust the height of the 2 pieces of space, or not installed. The middle part of the shelf can be placed for the daily use of the items, more convenient to take.

4. Comes with A Socket

Unikito has reserved embedded power sockets on one side of the fish tank stand, considering the need to supply power to the fill light and oxygenator, so there is no need to arrange additional power sockets and reduce the cables on the outside of the tank stand to avoid unnecessary situations.

5. Easy to Assemble

Each 55 gallon aquarium stand comes with detailed paper product assembly instructions inside the package, just follow the steps and find the right part number to assemble, you can get a sturdy and stable aquarium stand.

The Unikito 55 gallon fish tank stand is perfect for fish and reptile enthusiasts. Buy a Unikito 55-75 gallon fish tank stand and build a beautiful aquarium at home.

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