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What are the Pros and Cons of Engineered Wood and Metal Furniture?

What are the Pros and Cons of Engineered Wood and Metal Furniture?

Engineered wood will be unfamiliar to most people, but items made from engineered wood you probably use every day. Whether it's in the home or in the office, items made from engineered wood are everywhere. You use tables, chairs, cabinets, and other items that use wood, and basically, engineered wood is involved.

With engineered wood being so common, what exactly is it? In fact, engineered wood is also called man-made board, which is an environmentally friendly and recycled material made by using existing technology to make some wood, discarded trimmings, and shredded wood fibers by gluing and pressing. This material is hard wood, not easy to break and deform, very strong and durable. It combines the advantages of solid wood and synthetic lumber, and breaks through the limitations of both in environmental protection, safety and durability.

Most furniture today is made from three basic types of wood: solid wood, engineered wood and synthetic lumber. Furniture built with solid wood, whether it's a table, chair, bed, or cabinet, faces one very big problem: it's environmentally friendly. Although the wood resource is renewable, the growth cycle from a seedling to being ready to be used as a solid wood panel takes years. And synthetic lumber has common characteristics: it's unsafe and not durable.

Engineered wood combines the best of both worlds, being more environmentally friendly and durable, while being lighter in quality and cheaper. Furniture built with engineered wood and metal is the most dominant choice in most furniture.

So, What are the Pros and Cons of This Type of Engineered Wood and Metal Furniture?


1. Lightweight Quality

The mass of engineered wood is lower than that of solid wood, less than one-half the mass of solid wood for the same volume. This lighter weight is more convenient for those who use it, both for installation and movement.

2. Lower Price

Should be the price of engineered wood is much lower than solid wood, when made into finished furniture, solid wood furniture is several times the price of engineered wood and metal furniture. The price of a solid wood table can buy 2-3 pieces of furniture made of engineered wood and metal.

3. Environmental Protection

Engineered wood is made from unusable wood and wood fibers, which is basically harmless to the natural wood resources.

4. More Durable

Engineered wood combines the advantages of synthetic boards and native wood, stronger and more durable, not easy to break.


Not Resistant to Moisture

Since engineered wood is synthesized through bonding and compression, when used in a humid environment, it is easy to cause the wood to bend and change shape over time. Furniture made with engineered boards and metals that do not have a good moisture-resistant treatment on the surface will also bend and deform when used in a humid environment.

Furniture made from engineered wood panels and metal are extremely presentable options. They are less expensive, more durable, lighter, and more environmentally friendly, with the only drawback being that they are not moisture resistant. If you are thinking more about cost-effective options, then furniture made of engineered wood and metal, will be more suitable for you.

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