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Unikito 55-75 Gallon Aquarium Stand - A Great Choice for Fish and Reptile Keepers

Unikito 55-75 Gallon Aquarium Stand - A Great Choice for Fish and Reptile Keepers

Aquarium stands are one of the must-have pieces of furniture in the homes of fish and reptile hobbyists. A more professional aquarium stand tends to be more conducive to fish or reptile breeding and easier for us to observe and enjoy. Unikito 55-75 gallon aquarium stand is a great choice for fish and reptile enthusiasts.

Why Choose Unikito 55-75 Gallon Aquarium Stand?

All New Design Construction

This Unikito aquarium stand has a unique design, unlike most aquarium stands that have a top and bottom double-layer structure, this aquarium stand has made adjustments to the bottom space and is divided into 2 parts. On the left side, there is a cabinet with doors and an internal top and bottom structure, which is very convenient for storing liquids and solids, such as therapeutic medications and pet objects, respectively.

75 gallon aquarium stand - unikito

The open space on the right side also has a metal grid on which frequently used items, such as food bait and net pockets, can be placed in a clear and easy-to-access manner. The bottom is also spacious enough with a width of 26.8 inches and a depth of 18.9 inches. Any reptile tank or fish tank that is up to 26.8 inches in length and 18.9 inches in width will fit perfectly in the bottom space. Realize fish and reptile breeding in the same aquarium stand.

Reinforced Structure for Higher Load-bearing

Looking at the exterior structure, you can find that the exterior frame of this 55-gallon aquarium stand is heavy-duty metal, forming a sturdy frame structure. And vertically, there are four wooden boards to increase the weight-bearing capacity. Giving this aquarium stand a maximum weight capacity of 860lbs and 280lbs at the bottom, it can easily hold the weight of a 20 gallon fish tank.

55 gallon fish tank stand - unikito

Available in Four Colors

Designed to fit different interiors and different fish tank displays, Unikito offers the 75 gallon aquarium stand in 4 different colorways. They are black, white, black oak, and rustic brown. whether you prefer the rustic, plain color of black or the elegant, regal color of white, there is a suitable choice for you.

Extra Functions

Lighting and oxygenation are often needed for fish and reptiles, and Unikito has taken this into account by including power outlets (3 three-hole ports, 2 USB ports) and LED strips (60,000+ color changes, remote control) on the aquarium stand. We added these extra features compared to the Petco aquarium stand. Whether you need to access an oxygenator, food dispenser, or other equipment, there are enough ports and no need to set up additional outlets.

aquarium fish tank stand - unikito

Safe and Formaldehyde-Free

Unikito upholds a healthy home life and refuses to use hazardous, formaldehyde-free materials in the production of furniture. Our aquarium cabinet stand, both metal and plate, is made of healthy, harmless materials and is formaldehyde-free. There is no need to worry about jeopardizing the health of your pets and family when using it.

The Unikito aquarium stand, both a 55 gallon aquarium stand and a 75 gallon aquarium stand, is perfect for fish and reptile lovers. The sturdy construction provides ultra-high weight capacity, and additional features are configured to make farming easier.

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