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Unikito 96 Inches Closet System - Ideal Solution for Cluttered Bedroom

Unikito 96 Inches Closet System - Ideal Solution for Cluttered Bedroom

Tidying up the bedroom is a headache for young people today. On weekends when you should be resting, you will feel a headache when you see your bedroom filled with clothes and pants that you have thrown around. But you have to tidy up the bedroom, which will take half a day or even more. Unikito 96-inch freestanding closet system can help you solve this problem

A closet system can be considered one of the essential pieces of furniture for a home bedroom and is a great choice for organizing your clothes. This 96-inch closet system from Unikito can be considered the perfect choice for bedroom closet shelves. With its unique design structure, this walk-in closet system is also one of Unikito's most popular closet systems, solving the problem of inconveniently organizing clothes for many people.

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Why Unikito 96" Closet System?

1. The Right Size

Our closet drawer systems can be sized to fit most bedrooms or living rooms with a length of 96 inches, a height of 75 inches, and a depth of 16 inches. This size is neither too big to make it inconvenient to place, nor too small to provide ample storage space. It is a closet system that is suitable for most people.

2. Unique Structural Design

Looking at the assembled closet system, you can find that it has three horizontal bars for hanging clothes and a divider above. This detailed design prevents the dust on the top from falling directly on the clothes.

Looking at the center section, it is composed of three open spaces and three drawers, with space at the bottom for shoes. Quilts, boxes, and bags that you don't need to use on a regular basis can be placed at the top divider. The three drawers provide enough privacy to store various private clothes, such as underwear and panties.

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3. Larger Capacity

This wood closet system has a larger capacity with more than 50 pounds of weight capacity in each part, and the overall weight capacity of the closet is a staggering 1,000 pounds. In summer, it can help you organize 300-350 pieces of clothing.

4. Independent DIY

All parts of this closet system are removable. If you want to put your suitcase, the partition in the middle position can be put into your suitcase without installing it. You can independently choose whether to install certain parts according to your preference to fit your closet system.


5. Simple Installation

Each package of the closet system comes with paper product assembly instructions with subdivided accessory numbers and an overall disassembly of the closet system. Simply follow the instructions and the assembly can be completed easily.

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6. Safe and Formaldehyde-free

Unikito upholds the concept of creating a healthy and comfortable home life, and is very strict and careful in the generation of each piece of home furniture. From the choice of materials, to produce process, to the final product quality control, is serious and strict. Committed to providing safe, comfortable, and healthy home furniture.

Whether you are preparing for a family or for a rental house, this 96-inch closet system from Unikito can solve the big problem of cluttered clothing in your bedroom, so that you can have a more comfortable home life.

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